BMW 7 Series 2016: The First Rumors

The German car manufacturer neither confirms nor denies, but rumors follow.

This car will give a twist to competition, Audi and Mercedes on all. The new BMW 7 Series will be beautiful and full of novelties, from every point of view. From motors to detail, passing through the interior and other amenities. According to the magazine Car & Driver, the new German carmaker’s creature should have engines derived from modular motor architecture. The engines, as always, will be gasoline and diesel, but the novelty concerns the power, which will be different according to the two units.

Only on the hybrid version of the BMW 7 Series, the four-cylinder engine should be coupled to an electric powerplant with 300 hp of power. For the time being there are no confirmations, but the information has not been confirmed nor denied by the automaker in Munich that will launch the new model in the period 2015-2016.

The new BMW X5 M and X6 M mount the V8 4.4 with 575 hp
BMW 7 Series 2016: The First Rumors