Buyer Advantages

If you want a trustworthy co-driver, we have prepared for you the next benefit path for all our customers at every car purchased from our car parks:


– Up to 2 years for days and nights to drive safely. The warranty conditions can be found here.

FREE REVIEW on delivery

– Your car is ready to go, prepared by our team that carries out the maintenance of the car before delivery.
Revision includes: replacement of the fuel filter, pollen, oil and air. Replacing the engine oil, we only use Castrol Edge Long Life 5W30 full synthetic. Checking the lighting, braking, air conditioning system.

Benefits of our service:

FREE Delivery on Romanian territory
– Anywhere in the country, we provide fast shipping services for the purchased car without any extra cost to you.

Shipped FREE
– If you want to see the desired car at any of our showrooms without any obligation, we will carry it for you under responsible and dedicated conditions.

– You can check the mileage in the manufacturer’s service network and in all the official import papers of the car, all with maximum transparency!

Good FUNCTION certificate
– Our specialists certify that your car fulfills all the conditions of safety, operation and comfort.

More Advantages:

– Our consultants specializing in secure and advantageous transactions help you have much faster access to financing. We help you in the necessary formalities with banks or leasing companies, all for your speed and convenience!

24/24 RUTIER assistance for 1 year
– Carefully drive and benefit from FREE private roadside care insurance, so wherever you are, never stay in ideas.