Car Inquiry

  • We start by contacting our partners to find out all the details of the car (its status, revision history, possible repairs, if it has revamped items and a full list of its equipment).

  • We continue with the document verification, the origin of the car, no. km and if it appears to be stolen in the databases we have access to. Later on, we provide you with a summary of this information, on the basis of which you will be able to make the purchase decision.

  • If the acquisition is made in leasing, we will begin the approval of the financing. If it is done with the full payment we organize the purchase contract.

Benefits of our service:

  1. Advantageous services for car leasing systems in Germany

  2. Professional consultancy;

  3. Lower acquisition costs;

  4. Possibility of leasing a German car. We are suppliers for any leasing company in Romania;

  5. Long experience – over 15 years and more than 5000 traded cars;

  6. For cars purchased in the leasing you will pay only the advance;

  7. Fast delivery time of up to 10 business days from placement.

  8. Elimination of direct acquisition risks.

Conclusion of all the formalities in a single location (acquisition, leasing, RCA and CASCO insurance to any company – through its own broker, provisional and final registration)
3 months warranty for box and engine for cars up to 5 years and up to 180,000 km.

Without our services?


+ Transport to Germany – 300 euros
+ Transportation from the airport to the location where the car is located – 100 euro
+ Accommodation until you find the German car and meet the 2 day sales formalities – 150 euros
+ Provisional red numbers (export, Zoll) – 350 euro (note the yellow numbers of 5 days are no longer valid);
+ Food and unexpected costs – 200 euro;
+ Fuel for the car on the road to Romania – 400 euro
+ Accommodation and food on the return journey – 150 euro;
+ Route Fees – 50 Euro (Vineyards and Motorways);
+ Bank transfer fees – 200 euros
Total cost: 1900 euro