Leasing Auto

Leasing Auto Financing

ELITE CARS LEASING is one of the leading companies in Germany and Romania providing integrated car leasing services:

We offer promotional packages according to the clients requirements, in order to purchase leasing cars from a variety of cars and commercial vehicles. We collaborate with many specialized partners in second-hand car leasing services and we guarantee the completion of the leasing contract financing offer within 24 hours.

The consulting and sales counseling departments provide all the necessary documents and forms and carry out all the related steps, in accordance with the laws in force, so that all customers can enjoy the benefits of leasing a new car.

Terms of financing and approval of second-hand car leasing contract.

All cars available through elitecarsleasing.de can be purchased through a car loan or a financial leasing system. Each of the two variants involves:

  • Advance between 15% and 50% (the amount with which the leasing company pays the dealer’s product and which is time deductible through the periodic rates);
  • Do you plan a rate rescheduling plan and a suitable calculation for second-hand car leasing? Elite Cars Leasing Consultants recommend you submit your application to get the best offer in the shortest possible time.
    You also have a leasing calculator in this page.

Our Partners:

Required documents

For PFA (Authorized Physical Entities):

  • Request for financing (standard form) and synthetic file – both in original and signed by the applicant;
  • Copy of the identity document of the applicant and / or the guarantor;
  • Children by legal acts of incorporation: registration certificate, fiscal registration, certificate and fiscal code – stamped and valid for the last 3 months;
  • Authorization to practice the profession and / or to perform independent activities;
  • Statement of income registered and endorsed by the Financial Administration;
  • Copy of the anticipated or estimated earnings statement for PFA for the current year;
  • Copy of final income statement for the previous year;
  • Payments registry and cash register;
  • Signature – the signature specimen of the person responsible for signing the lease, as evidenced by the signature specimen in the bank or in front of any notary public or attorney;
  • Consultation of the database of the Banking Center.

For PJ (Legal Entities):


  • Request for financing and synthetic sheet – signed in original;
  • Copy and original for the identity card of the legal representative of the firm and for the identity card of the person empowered to sign the lease contract;
  • The last two annual balances available and targeted by ANAF with all annexes and related synthetic balances provided by law;
  • The last synthetic monthly balance available for the year during the grant application;
  • Certificate from registration from the National Trade Register Office;
    Registration certificate for VAT purposes;
  • The Contemporary Act and the Company’s Statute and Contract;
  • Management Board Decision;
  • Decision of the General Meeting of the Associates regarding the decision to empower the person designated to sign the contract or the leasing contracts;
  • Specimen signature of the person or persons designated and empowered to sign the decision of the Administrative Council and the GMS decision and the leasing contract
  • The last synthetic monthly balance, available for the current year
  • Certificate of registration with the Trade Register
  • Registration certificate for VAT purposes
  • Status and Contract or the Constitutive Act
  • Decision of the Board of Directors / GMS Decision on the leasing of the asset / assets and, if applicable, empowering the person signing the contract / leasing contracts;
  • Signature specimen of the person signing the leasing contract and of the person / persons who signed the decision of the Administrative Council / GMS decision – signature signed by the legalized signature specimen in the bank or in front of any notary public or attorney.